How To Increase Your Productivity With Time Batching

and avoid distraction…

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In a world full of distraction you can use time batching to increase your productivity

Time batching which was first introduced by Cal Newport in his book deep work is a productivity system where you focus on a group of identical tasks during a specific period of time without any interruptions, the idea is to have attention to details and avoid distractions, so you can get into the flow state or that state of ecstasy where you are so into a task that it’s almost as if you don’t exist.

How can time batching help you:

Reduces multitasking: When you are multitasking, you are actually just rapidly switching your focus from one project to another, and this, in turn, increases your mental strain while time-batching allows you to get things done in one sitting rather than getting multiple things done at once,

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How to use time batching:

List and Prioritize Your To-Dos: this step basically helps you get clear about what your day/week is gonna look like, so write down all the things that need to be done and separate them according to their urgency.

Then, organize those tasks into batches find related tasks that would make sense to do one right after the other, ask What do they have in common? and batch your list, with each batch list try your best to start with the most important task,

Reduce Distractions: identify the things that take most of your attention and then create a plan for eliminating them.

Organize Your Schedule: now give each batch a specific period of time make sure each one has a realistic time frame and remember you won’t be the best time batcher from the first go as it takes time like any other thing to get good at it.

Re-evaluate: As you wrap up your workday, ask yourself what parts of the time batching process worked and what didn’t, like are you completing tasks faster? Is your productivity improving? How long can you actually stay focused?.

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